Outbound Shipping Solutions

We help retailers and enterprises at every stage of the parcel delivery process. From choosing the right carrier to keeping track of where your orders are. We're always looking at new ways to make deliveries more convenient for your customers.

Mid Volume


Gain control over your mailing and shipping with an all-in-one solution.


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Empower your whole team, from any location, to make smart shipping choices.


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High Volume


Accelerate speed and make compliance easy with a tool that can handle as many as 1 million transactions per hour. 


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DimStation instantly dimensions cubes, tubes, polybags, irregulars – any shape at all. No more set-asides, no more slowdowns.


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Low Volume


Perfect for small and mid-size businesses who ship up to 500 parcels and flats a month. 


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Not sure where to begin?

A Quadient shipping specialist can analyze your shipping and guide you to the right solution.

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