Easily Track the Internal Movement of All Your Assets

Keep Track of Your Deliveries

WTS dramatically improves the management of your company’s inbound workflow process by increasing reliability, accelerating productivity and decreasing costs.

WTS | Web Tracking System


Visibility Increases Reliability


WTS provides the details you need to pinpoint the location of assets in real time and manage your work location with confidence, all from your computer.


Accelerates Productivity


Manual processes are time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone. With WTS, you can track and monitor mail pieces right from your desktop. 


Decreases Costs


Spending less time finding inbound receivables means more time for doing things important to your organization—and time is money.


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More to Love about WTS


For More than Just Mail

Catalog, track and trace items such as electronic equipment, software licenses, furniture, tools, office supplies and more.

Benefits of a Cloud-Based Solution

All you need is a PC with an Internet browser. No servers, database licensing, data backups or extra IT services.

Enhanced Signature Confirmation

Provides a signature and a typed name to ensure legibility and clarity for mailroom administrators.


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 We just love the signature feature because it allows the mail services team to determine instantly the individual who signed for that package." 

–Cindy Harp, Mail Services Manager at Capital University

What Can You See with WTS?


  • The item description
  • The item location
  • Date received
  • Serial numbers
  • Physical condition
  • Movement
  • Identification of the employee who moved the item
  • The signature of the employee who has custody of the item