Best-in-Class Shipping Solution for Small and Mid-Sized Businesses 


Ship, Track and Report in One Solution

Ship, track and report on all of your packages from one screen, even when using multiple carriers. It gets even better, new rate shopping features allow you to find the lowest rates with the click of a button.* Time more critical? Another click shows you the fastest delivery. 


NeoShip at a Glance

Save on Shipping with One Click Rate Shopping and Commercial Based Discounts

Rate shopping identifies the lowest price or the quickest delivery method so you control your parcel cost and timing.* Commercial based discounts save you even more by cutting costs up to 40 percent on Priority Mail, Priority Mail Express and more.  




Using NeoShip is easier than putting frosting on cake. I have never been happier."

Jennifer McRae, Mailroom Coordinator at Vitamix.


Control Your Shipping Costs Every Step of the Way



Guaranteed Savings


Get discounts on Priority Mail® and Priority Mail Express™ by having access to Commercial Base Pricing. 





Single Screen Shipping


Say goodbye to complicated steps just to ship a package, NeoShip has all shipping options on one screen. 



Ship with Multiple Carriers


For all your parcel shipping, select your preferred carrier: USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®.





Batch Shipments 


Create up to 100 identical shipments being sent to different recipients and addresses at one time.



Rate Shopping 


Automatically compare rates. NeoShip identifies the lowest price or the fastest delivery method.* 





Secure and Track 


Obtain a complete view online of all your shipments and stay informed by tracking each parcel to its destination.

Everything You Need on One Screen. Really.
Take a tour through the NeoShip interface and see how easy it is to ship, track and report. 



Rate Shopping Plus So Much More

Integrate Your UPS® and FedEx® Accounts
Don't miss out on opportunities to save. If you have pre-negotiated carrier rates with FedEx® and UPS® easily integrate your accounts with NeoShip and start saving. 

Eliminate the Manual Entry of Addresses 
Save time and avoid errors attributed to manual entry. Import up to 10,000 addresses to the Public Address Book and up to 1,000 addresses to the Private Address Book, per user.

Obtain and Store USPS® Proof of Delivery Letter 
The Postal Service retains delivery data for each shipment when Extra Services options are applied. The proof of delivery letter is stored and available for viewing and printing.

Maximize Your Desktop Shipping Solution 
Couple a USB scale and thermal label printer with your laptop or desktop computer, and you never have to leave your desk to ship a parcel.

Vitamix Made Managing Shipping Easy

Vitamix was thrilled with NeoShip’s many features. Their mailroom coordinator Jennifer McRae takes great comfort in knowing that her parcels are being tracked and she appreciates the fact that NeoShip gives her the ability to save money for her company.


“NeoShip is working exactly as I had hoped,” said Jennifer. “It has improved the quality of my work life. Using NeoShip is easier than putting frosting on a cake. I have never been happier.”



Top Ten Ways to Control Shipping Costs

NeoShip cost-efficiently manages all your shipping needs for packages, flats or priority mail and significantly cuts shipping costs with commercial based discounts. 

Ship Smart: The Top Ten Ways to Cut Shipping Costs

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*Rate comparison is between the USPS® and FedEx®. UPS® is not included in comparison. UPS® rates may be viewed separately.