White Paper: The State of International Mailing and Shipping

A Primer for America’s Small Business Owners

Today’s shipping environment is complex. That’s no secret. That complexity has created more competition. That’s good news for international shippers. Today’s globalized business and consumer markets – especially the burgeoning shipping opportunities created by the red-hot eCommerce sector – demand that shippers have the information, resources and tools essential for doing business in every region, every country and every location around the world.

Global eCommerce presents a vast and lucrative opportunity for on-line retailers to grow their international business. Conventional wisdom among international mail experts says that cross-border eCommerce could grow more than 190 percent during the next four years and the number of shoppers across the globe could increase as much as 40 percent.

More and more shoppers outside the U.S. want to purchase from American-based businesses for all the reasons we know that make these retailers attractive to the rest of the world: the style and quality of goods they offer, competitive prices, vast selection options, frequent bargains and this country’s unerring devotion to excellent customer service.

That rising level of foreign consumer interest signals two courses of action U.S. business who what to grow must follow: 1) establish and adhere to an international mailing and shipping strategy and 2) spend the same amount of time building a positive customer experience that provides a simple and painless delivery and return event.


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