How You Can Save on Large Packages

April 30, 2018
Author: Caroline McManus

The popularity of online shopping has given new meaning to oversize and large packages. From a week’s groceries to refrigerators, consumers can order and receive just about anything from the comfort of their own home. To keep up with these massive packages, Fed Ex® and UPS® are adding surcharges to handle what are often cumbersome and heavy deliveries.


There are two ways carriers are changing the way they think about the size of packages:

  • Volume: Reducing standard dimensions (DIM) of a package that focuses on the size of a package and the space it takes up  
  • Additional handling: Reducing qualifying sizes for Additional Handling and Large or Oversize Packages                                                           

Fed Ex and UPS have both made the following standard rate increases among others:

  • Additional Handling minimum length fee is now $12 for packages that are 48” or more along the longest side
  • Oversize Packages now have a $90 surcharge for packages exceeding 96” in length for both US air and ground services                               

And, UPS made some additional changes: Any package with an actual weight over 70 pounds will incur an Additional Handling fee of $19, and all residential shipments in the category of Large Package will now include a $90 surcharge.

Before you ship:

  • Get familiar with all of the carrier size and weight requirements
  • Assess the DIM and actual weight of your package. Read our story, When Smaller (and Greener) is Better, and check out our easy-to-use Dimensional (DIM) Weight Calculator and Resource Center.
  • Look for local or regional shippers who may have lower fees or are willing to negotiate


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