Don’t Be a Scrooge with Your Customer's Shipping Options This Year

October 21, 2016

Let the Customer Choose 

Give your customers the choice to select their own delivery experience from a variety of options. When you give customers an omnichannel experience, they are able to decide how they want their products delivered and may decrease the number of orders shipped. For example, some customers would prefer to have their orders picked up in-store, which relieves you from shipping. Online customers may be provided with other options such as ship to store, ship to home, ship to post office.

Similarly, offer shipping options varying in speed and price to meet the needs of the different shipping customer profiles. Some customers are time-sensitive and are willing to pay for expedited shipping, while others are price-sensitive and will care more about shipping costs and perks such as free shipping.

Watch Quadient's Christopher O'Brien explain how our software helps satisfy customer demands. 

Be Clear on Expectations 

Your holiday shipping should be aligned with your long-term customer relationship management. As with all good relationships, customers expect clarity, honesty and accountability. Be clear, concise and as consistent as possible on your shipping and return policies, ensuring that they measure up in the customer delivery experience process. Your policies should include the number of days expected for shipping, the number of shipping locations, and speed options.


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