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Our Favorite "S" Words: Summer, Sun... and Shipping

July 27, 2020

The summer might not seem like the right time to prep for holiday shipping, but everything is easier when you give yourself enough time and add in a margarita. So break out the salt and a pen and check out this list of tips from our shipping experts. 

Year-Round eCommerce Demand Makes Saturday Shipping the New Normal

September 18, 2018

FedEx® Expands Its U.S. Shipping Services to Six Days a Week

Shippers are seeing more services and options than ever, and FedEx has just added another one. FedEx recently expanded their U.S. operations to six days a week, joining both USPS® and UPS® in making six-day shipping the new normal....

Last Mile Shipping: There's an App for That

June 6, 2018

Ride-hailing apps Uber and Lyft are busy, 5.5 million rides a day busy. This means that every minute almost four thousand rides are given around the world by non-professional drivers. This model of business dubbed, "The Uber Model" has retailers eyeing the freelance and part-time workforce and wondering how it can work for them.

Tame Two-Day Shipping

June 4, 2018

In the history of the USPS® demand for speed has never been higher. Shoppers expect to place an order, get free shipping, and have that order in about two days! The new norm of free and fast ecommerce delivery can seem impossible but luckily USPS® flat rate shipping can help. 

Amazon's Biggest Lesson for E-Commerce Companies

May 3, 2018
Author: Matt Mullen

Written by Matt Mullen, Senior Vice President and Managing Director for Quadient Commerce & Shipping

To be featured in USA Today's Future of Retail Issue on March 30th, 2018

“The new generation is killing the [insert X] industry.” It’s a topic we hear about almost every day, but in reality,...

DIM Weight and Why It Is Your (and the Environment's) Best Friend

April 30, 2018
Author: Caroline McManus

There’s more than just your bottom-line at stake when it comes to shipping costs. Sure, if you use the smallest box or packaging it costs less to ship items to your customers. And that’s good for your profits. But shrinking packaging also reduces waste. And that’s good for the environment.

How You Can Save on Large Packages

April 30, 2018
Author: Caroline McManus

The popularity of online shopping has given new meaning to oversize and large packages. From a week’s groceries to refrigerators, consumers can order and receive just about anything from the comfort of their own home. To keep up with these massive packages, Fed Ex® and UPS® are adding surcharges to handle what are often cumbersome and heavy deliveries.

Introducing the New NeoShip

April 11, 2018
Author: Caroline McManus

A bundle of new upgrades moves this intuitive shipping

solution to best in class territory for SMBs


DHL Parcel Metro Delivers New Options for Online Retailers

April 10, 2018
Author: Caroline McManus

Eager to tap into the growing ecommerce market, DHL recently announced its re-entry into U.S. domestic parcel delivery. With DHL Parcel Metro, the company will provide a delivery service for online retailers that meets consumers’ increasing demand for same-day and next-day delivery. 

Amazon: The New AMAZON of Shipping?

April 6, 2018
Author: Caroline McManus

Sure, at face value delivering its own packages seems like a logical move for Amazon. The online retailer shipped a jaw-dropping 5 billion items in 2017 with Amazon Prime alone. Now, all signs indicate that Amazon is set to launch a delivery service that would vie with FedEx and UPS in the...

USPS® Adding Sunday Delivery this Holiday Season

November 28, 2017

The USPS® is expanding its services for the holidays, adding Sunday delivery to more locations that receive high volumes of packages during the holidays at no extra charge. The program will be available in 20 major U.S. cities and will allow consumers to place online orders with participating...

UPS® Announces December 2017 Rate Change

October 31, 2017

UPS is increasing the rates for some of their services, and the first price increases will be effective December 24, 2017. There will be a second wave for packages that goes into effect on July 8, 2018.

Below is an overview of rate changes for packages:

The following changes will be...

FedEx Announces 2018 Shipping Rate Changes

September 28, 2017

On September 18, FedEx announced their 2018 shipping rate changes. The details affect list rates, surcharges, fees and other factors that impact your shipping rate.

Effective Jan. 1, 2018, FedEx Express, FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery®, FedEx SmartPost® and FedEx Freight rates will...

It's Electric: UPS Fleet Adds 3 All-Electric Trucks

September 15, 2017

In a recent press release, UPS will be the first U.S. customer to use three all-electric Fuso eCanter light-duty trucks made by Daimler Trucks North America. These electric vehicles can drive 62 miles on a charge, saving $1,000 for every 6,000 miles it travels compared to the conventional diesel...

FedEx Skips the Surcharge for Most Residential Holiday Deliveries

August 15, 2017

In support of small business customers and consumers shipping for the holidays, “FedEx will not apply holiday season surcharges except for packages that are oversized, unauthorized or require additional handling," states Patrick Fitzgerald, SVP, Integrated Marketing and Communications, in their

UPS Fleet Gets an Eco-Friendly Makeover

June 29, 2017

In their 2016 Annual Corporate Sustainability Report, UPS announced environmentally-friendly commitments to update their fleet and processes. The goals are summed up in this excerpt from their press release:

UPS has a goal that 25 percent of the electricity it consumes will come from renewable energy sources by 2025, a dramatic increase from the 0.2 percent in 2016. In addition, by 2020 UPS plans that one in four new vehicles purchased annually will be an alternative fuel or advanced technology vehicle, up from 16 percent in 2016. The company also set a new goal that by 2025, 40 percent of all ground fuel will be from sources other than conventional gasoline and diesel, an increase from 19.6 percent in 2016."

Shipping 101: How to Get the Best Rates Webinar

May 31, 2017

Save the Date: June 21, 2017, 1:00 PM EST

Shipping can get complicated. In Shipping 101: How to Get the Best Rates, mailing expert and Manager, Postal Relations for Quadient USA, Patrick Mango will review the various package types, shipping methods and charges across carriers to help you...

Digital Changes the Shipping Game

May 23, 2017

Technology Levels Playing Field for Small- to Mid-Size Companies

From smartphones to smarthomes, digital technology is automating and informing the tools, services, and processes we use every day. As evidenced by the parcel delivery drones we reported on last month, and the USPS Informed...

USPS® Rolls Out Innovative Parcel Enhancements

May 3, 2017

The U.S. Postal Service introduced eight new innovations that will help shippers think outside (and inside) of the box to make parcels more appealing to their recipients. The U.S. Postal Service Office of Inspector General (OIG) noted that the plain cardboard box is a missed marketing...

We See Drones in Your Parcel Delivery Future

May 3, 2017

The possibility of drones within the parcel delivery landscape has been long-discussed, but just how much of a reality is it? Regulations regarding the use of national airspace present the largest hurdle, as it’s not currently legal to operate a fully automated drone system in the U.S. Plus,...

UPS® Modifies DIM Policy to Align with FedEx

November 23, 2016
Author: Krish Iyer

UPS recently announced a change to their DIM policy that more closely aligns with FedEx’s recent change to the measurement of Dimensional Weight.  Currently, both carriers use a calculation of length x width x height divided by 166 inches for domestic shipments, with international shipments...

A Closer Look at the Recent FedEx GRI Announcement

November 3, 2016
Author: Amanda Armendariz

This article was originally published by

In the wake of FedEx’s recent GRI announcement, which, surprisingly, did not mirror the changes announced by UPS a few weeks prior, I sat down with industry experts Rob Martinez, President & CEO, Shipware, and Krish Iyer, Director,...

How the Right Shipping Software Impacts Your Bottom Line

November 2, 2016

1. Guarantee that you’re paying the lowest freight costs possible on all your shipments.

Combined with the costs and/or business rules that have been established in your business, shipping software allows you to automate which carrier and service level is chosen. So, if a customer doesn’t mind...

Don’t Be a Scrooge with Your Customer's Shipping Options This Year

October 21, 2016

Let the Customer Choose 

Give your customers the choice to select their own delivery experience from a variety of options. When you give customers an omnichannel experience, they are able to decide how they want their products delivered and may decrease the number of orders shipped. For...

Holiday Shipping 101: Upgrade to an Automated Shipping System

For many businesses, the holidays are associated with a substantial increase in products going out the door, resulting in an increase in packaging and shipping costs. During this time, shippers are often vulnerable to losing control of shipping costs, as they try to meet the increase in...

Holiday Shipping 101: Assess Last Year's Performance

October 18, 2016

There is a great saying that goes, “The past is where you learned the lesson, the future is where you apply it.” Before you start planning for this year’s holiday season, do a thorough evaluation of how well, or poorly, your business performed during last year’s season and what the...

See the Packcity Intelligent Parcel Lockers in Action

October 12, 2016

Gaven Rolfe, Western Regional Territory Manager of Packcity, gives a quick demo and talks about the multiple benefits for apartment managers and their residents.

Follow Our Planning Timeline for Seamless Holiday Shipping

October 4, 2016
Author: Renee Bingling

Shipping is often one of the most important elements of your business’ successful holiday season, as customer satisfaction depends just as much on shipping as it does on your product. Without advanced planning, it is more difficult to cover all the bases of efficient and affordable shipping, in...

FedEx® Announces 2017 Rates, Lowers Dimensional Threshold

September 21, 2016
Author: Renee Bingling

It is a script that the shipping industry knows well – parcel shipping giants, FedEx® and UPS® announce their rate increases in lock-step. This time however, there are some noteworthy scene changes. UPS started the trend by announcing their annual General Rate Increase (GRI) a little earlier...

UPS® has Announced their 2017 Rate Increase

September 2, 2016

With each new year comes rate increases from FedEx® and UPS®, but this time, UPS is beginning their rate increases in December, potentially affecting your holiday shipping plans. Here are highlights from the announcement:

Quadient Listed as One of Parcel Magazine's Hot Companies of 2016

August 11, 2016

Parcel Magazine July - August 2016We're honored to be Featured on Parcel Magazine's Annual Hot Companies List!

 Here's what they had to say about us...

UPS®’s Possible Solution to the Thursday/Friday Factor

August 9, 2016
Author: Katie Conigliaro

Last month, reported that United Parcel Service Inc. is testing Saturday delivery as a way to compete due to the major increase in ecommerce shopping. Currently, FedEx Corp. drops off ground-shipped items at homes on Saturdays as does the U.S. Postal Service. In fact, the USPS also...

Summer: That Time of Year to Start Planning for Holiday Shipping

August 1, 2016

You don't want to get caught off gaurd during the busiest shipping season of the year. That's why we recommend preparing for the holiday rush now. But don't take our word for it. Check out this list of tips from the master of holiday shipping himself, Santa. 

The Undeniable Link Between Your Shipping Process and Your Customer's Satisfaction

July 25, 2016

Shipping strongly influences customer loyalty

Shipping is the end process for all of the efforts that have been made at each stage of the commercial chain, from acquiring the customer to making the sale. According to “Shipping as a Marketing Tool for Boosting Sales” by Nadine Devisch, “Shipping has a major role to play in the overall...

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Be Streamlining Your Shipping Process

June 30, 2016

1. Guarantee that you’re paying the lowest freight costs possible on all your shipments.

Combined with the costs and/or business rules that have been established in your business, shipping software gives the opportunity to automate which carrier and service level is chosen. So, if a customer...

Why Shipping Carriers Have Embraced DIM

Dimensional weight pricing is a major source of increased revenue for shipping carriers.

Carriers discovered they were delivering boxes that were much larger than required for the efficient delivery of the products they contained. This outsized box phenomenon caused shipping carrier’s vehicles...


June 27, 2016
Author: Krish Iyer

Hello All, 


Welcome to our new website dedicated to those who ship and receive parcels! 

We created to cultivate a community for the distinctive needs of shippers. Why? Because we get it. Achieving cost-effective shipping, with the visibility you need, is...

Parcel Forum 2016

June 20, 2016

We're not just going to be there, we're hosting! 

On Monday, September 12 from 5:00pm – 6:30pm we're hosting the Platinum attendee reception, which will take place poolside at the Paradise Springs facility at the hotel. You’ll unwind in our indoor/outdoor, private poolside villa and enjoy...

3 Keys to Omnichannel Fulfillment Success

June 10, 2016
Author: Katie Conigliaro

1. Carrier Compliance

If omnichannel fulfillment providers are not compliant, carriers will not work with them. Carriers are constantly updating ZIP codes, rating labels or other data and need to work with a provider who takes compliance seriously. If a carrier does not receive the right...

The USPS® is Serious About Address Validation

June 7, 2016
Author: Katie Conigliaro

The USPS® is implementing new Delivery Point standards that will require all packages to include a complete, electronically validated address in order to ensure the accuracy of delivery addresses. Any package that isn’t DPV verified will be stuck with a $0.20 fine. These new requirements go into...

University of Pittsburgh Hits Home Run with Packcity Intelligent Parcel Lockers

My experience with Packcity has been outstanding. The product is well made, and it has cut down on our service times and delivery times.”

UPS® Follows Suit with Surcharge Increase

May 31, 2016
Author: Renee Bingling

On June 6, UPS® customers can expect to pay an extra charge on shipping packages, measuring 48 inches or longer. 

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