ProShip Accelerates Business for Fifth Gear

The ProShip Software Suite allows the magic to happen between order placement and delivery that allows us to continually earn our customers’ trust."

Freight management is an important cost center for all product manufacturers and distributors. But for a third-party ecommerce fulfillment provider like Fifth Gear, shipping is the lifeblood of the operation. Fifth Gear serves as a single-source provider for direct-to-consumer retailers’ entire operations, including order fulfillment, customer care, and product personalization services, allowing its customers to focus on their core competencies – merchandising and marketing. Today, Fifth Gear ships more than 20,000 packages each day through its multi-carrier shipping network.

 At the end of the day, it all comes down to getting the package delivered on time, to the right destination, and as cost-effectively as possible. It sounds simple enough, but anyone who has ever had any responsibility for order fulfillment understands the incredible complexity of the process.

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