Holiday Shipping 101: Upgrade to an Automated Shipping System

For many businesses, the holidays are associated with a substantial increase in products going out the door, resulting in an increase in packaging and shipping costs. During this time, shippers are often vulnerable to losing control of shipping costs, as they try to meet the increase in customers’ demands. It is imperative that your shipping team has the necessary support to charter the waters of the holiday rush. Some customers make the mistake of only relying on one carrier without exploring other cost-effective options.

Multicarrier shipping software enables businesses to easily streamline their shipping by meeting requirements for compliant labeling, without having to change printers, label stock, or systems. This further reduces carrier chargebacks for non-compliant issues, and reduces the overall amount spent on freight. Be reminded that even after the holidays, you will more than likely need the additional support to process the post-holiday returns and exchanges.

Your reverse logistics plan is also critical to securing repeat customers and building goodwill. The way you handle inbound parcels can make or break productivity in your workplace. Manual processes are time-consuming, labor-intensive and prone to error. With inbound tracking software, you can track and monitor parcels right from your desktop.


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