3 Keys to Omnichannel Fulfillment Success

June 10, 2016
Author: Katie Conigliaro

1. Carrier Compliance

If omnichannel fulfillment providers are not compliant, carriers will not work with them. Carriers are constantly updating ZIP codes, rating labels or other data and need to work with a provider who takes compliance seriously. If a carrier does not receive the right document in the right format, it may hold a shipment until there is time to call you back. At that point, the carrier is not moving your goods, which can result in fulfillment deadlines not being met. Part of compliance involves communicating with carriers and providing carrier approved shipping labels or tracking numbers. If for example a retailer is shipping from a local store, the software will notify the carrier the shipment is ready and the carrier will then dispatch a pick up. At the end of the day, compliance is based on exchanging data in a seamless and streamlined way.

2. Flexibility of Software

The omnichannel experience is all about flexibility. For example a retailer may wish to ship from stores today and build temporary shipping facilities for seasonal shipping in the near future. Or it may wish to transform a distribution center into an efulfillment base. That’s why the flexibility of the software is so critical.

3. Internal Business Policy

An omnichannel fulfillment provider needs to understand its customer’s internal business policy. This enables the provider to set up a system that handles every type of situation possible and make routine decisions based on customer needs. Shipping software needs to integrate easily into the order management, warehouse or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions.


For even more information on omnichannel fulfillment, check out our white paper, Why Omnichannel Fulfillment is Crucial for E-Commerce.


September 27, 2017 at 9:44 am
Janice Riggs
IN-700 Series Hasler Quadient leased mail machine does not comply with USPS when I process Priority mail. USPS want a printed list "Manafest" with barcodes that they can scan. This alleviates having to scan each individual box. I am currently doing Fifth Sunday mailings and there are 487 pieces of Priority(boxes) each Fifth Sunday (5 times per year).
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