ProShip Delivers Hazmat Compliance and SAP Integration for PerkinElmer

We were able to implement a major quality improvement when we went to SAP and ProShip." 

PerkinElmer® produces and ships reagents used in life sciences research and diagnostics, more than half of which are radioactive. Sending 500 packages each day from Boston, about 100 from Billerica, Massachusetts, and several hundred from Groningen in the Netherlands, PerkinElmer has to assure on-time arrival. Radioactive reagents have halflives of days, or even hours. Delays or mis-deliveries could cause a disastrous chain reaction — research interrupted, treatments cancelled, expensive resources wasted and costly shipping penalties incurred. Into this pressure cooker introduce one more element: a company-wide changeover to SAP. What solution would integrate seamlessly with SAP, and keep shipping from suffering a meltdown?

Interfacing with SAP was only one of the requirements for the new shipping system at PerkinElmer. It also had to be compliant with FedEx and TNT, the company’s shippers for domestic and overseas parcels, respectively. Further, the shipping software had to automate the complicated paperwork of hazardous and radioactive materials, which specifies that the packing slip, the shipping label, plus a dangerous goods form must all be present with the correct box. “It’s paramount that it works well,” said Brian McDonough, Operations Manager at PerkinElmer. “We can’t not ship for a day or two and catch up; we can’t afford a bug or interruption.”

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