Our Favorite "S" Words: Summer, Sun... and Shipping

July 27, 2020
The summer might not seem like the right time to prep for holiday shipping, but everything is easier when you give yourself enough time and add in a margarita. So break out the salt and a pen and check out this list of tips from our shipping experts. 

  • Make a list. Make sure shipping supplies are fully stocked and extra support is available—not just boxes but box fills, tape, labels, packing materials and other items.
  • Note important delivery deadlines. Be aware of carrier policies regarding service guarantees during the holidays—some carriers change them during the busy holiday shipping season.
  • Check (everything) twice. Double-check addresses to make sure you aren’t charged address correction fees. Software that helps you check addresses can help avoid these costly fees.
  • Examine your shipping costs to make sure you’re using the most economical rates for ground and air delivery. Take a look at Flat Rate shipping options to save money, especially on heavier shipments. 
  • Find out who's naughty and nice. Avoid shipping services that charge extra for Saturday delivery.  USPS® has free Saturday delivery hours. This year, Christmas is on a Friday, so expect last-minute packages on the weekend.
  • Determine what the billable dimensional weight will be from your carrier (rates are not all the same). Don’t worry, there’s a calculator for that.
  • Educate your team about preferred services and carriers. Create a matrix for every product and shipping scenario detailing the lowest cost/most reliable shipping method for each.
  • Monitor your company’s shipping costs to account for employees who might be using your shipping account.
  • Start planning for next year. Review your data to see what worked and what didn’t. Make a note for next year or contact us and we'll do the review for you!

Check out Ship Smart: Top 10 Ways to Control of Shipping Costs today for more ideas to help you save this year.

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