Last Mile Shipping: There's an App for That

June 6, 2018

Ride-hailing apps Uber and Lyft are busy, 5.5 million rides a day busy. This means that every minute almost four thousand rides are given around the world by non-professional drivers. This model of business dubbed, "The Uber Model" has retailers eyeing the freelance and part-time workforce and wondering how it can work for them.


Apps like UberRUSH, Postmates, Instacart and others are already here; delivering groceries, meals... and parcels. Right now these parcel services have limited geographic reach and are not as widespread as major carriers USPS®, UPS® and FedEx®. However, they are looking to make changes in the shipping industry, particularly when it comes to cutting costs and increasing efficiency in the "last mile" of delivery fulfillment. 

Crowdsourced delivery, or crowdsourced shipping, connects businesses with non-professional couriers who can deliver online orders to customers fast...same-day delivery fast. Retailers are looking to compete with Amazon and meet young consumer expectations - 56 percent of millenials expect same-day shipping. Shippers see the "last mile" of delivery as being the main cause of higher shipping costs and slow delivery times. Crowdsourced delivery avoids the issue of multiple stops in the "last mile" by tasking someone local to pick the package up and take it straight to the customer's door to expedite fulfillment and elevate customer satisfaction.  

Check out some of the apps for your business and stay tuned to see how the rise of the crowdsourcing model in the last-mile delivery space evolves and possibly becomes a crucial part of logistics industry and ecommerce.