Government Shipping Challenges

Parcel shipping can present unique challenges for local, state and federal government organizations. Chargebacks to various departments, vendor rate shopping and carrier contract compliance can place demands on government organizations. Common logistics challenges include:

  • Chargebacks to various departments or individuals, including cost center accounting
  • Different departments have different policies and standards for shipping, making it difficult to achieve consistency and cost savings
  • Shipment visibility, and proof of signatures and delivery are often needed to protect from liability
  • Multiple types of inbound packages (individual-specific, department-specific, supplies) without a way to effectively account for them 


Adding the ability to assign shipping charges to the right department, as well as adding controls on who can ship and by what method are some of the biggest opportunities for government organizations to manage their shipping costs and increase shipment visibility.  Quadient has government organizations covered. 

Quadient delivers shipping solutions with cost center accounting, specialized reports and the ability to manage shipping privileges by user or in a mailroom to help government organizations effectively manage their shipping processes.  


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