Logistics Challenges for Colleges & Universities

University mailrooms have the unique task of servicing students as well as faculty and staff. Parcels are constantly coming and going, but the inbound and outbound rules change. It’s difficult to enforce consistency in the shipping processes. Common logistics challenges on university campuses include:

  • Multiple points of entry (loading dock, the mailroom, etc.)
  • Multiple kinds of recipients (students, faculty, staff)
  • Different departments have set their own policies and standards for shipping, making it difficult to achieve consistency and cost savings
  • The different manual delivery processes for various types of recipients makes it especially difficult to determine the chain of custody
  • Reporting on shipments from multiple carriers is very time-consuming
  • Shipping costs increase every year (carrier contracts change and dimensional weight charges have a big impact)


Colleges and universities require a consistent process regardless of where an inbound package is recorded. Quadient multi-carrier shipping software brings centralized, easy-to-enforce rules, from which figuring out how to ship profitably becomes an easy task. 

Speak with our experienced professionals who can help you develop an inbound and outbound shipping strategy.


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