3PL - Logistics Challenges

The growth in ecommerce has changed the fulfillment business. As Nathan Rucker, Director of Strategic Accounts at ProShip, explains, “Retailers are now fulfilling directly to customers, getting packages to them as fast as possible. This is a growing business, with double-digit sales increases expected for the majority of large ecommerce retail fulfillment companies in the U.S. over the next few years.”

Common fulfillment challenges that retailers face include: 

  • Inventory: Retailers need to have a true understanding of the inventory they have so that when they say a product is available to sell to a customer, it truly is available.
  • Support: Retailers need to be able to provide support 24/7, and understand the requirements and processes for shipping cross-border.
  • Speed: In the past, shipping was handled in a handful of distribution centers. Now, it has extended out to all stores in addition to distribution centers. This requires extremely high-performing technology to enable fast output. Nothing can ruin a sales experience more than getting the order to the customer late, after it is needed.
  • Compliance: It is necessary for retailers to know how to handle the different carriers available for each of their different store locations. For example, if a retailer has stores in Paris, Los Angeles and Chicago, the carriers are going to be different in each of these locations.


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Figuring out how to ship profitably is one of the most crucial aspects of a successful ecommerce business. This is why retailers need to talk with experienced professionals who can help develop a shipping strategy and explain all costs associated with omnichannel fulfillment.

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Your Answer to Omnichannel Fulfillment

There's more to omnichannel fulfillment than meets the eye. Not only does it give retailers the ability to fulfill orders out of their distribution centers, warehouses, manufacturing sites or stores, it also enables customers to buy items online and pick them up in a store. The consumer experience is seamless regardless of the device or channel used to shop or to return items. 

Why Omnichannel Fulfillment is Crucial for Ecommerce


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ProShip Helps Barrett Distribution with Ecommerce Growth


With ProShip, we are able to compete in that omni-channel segment, allowing us to fulfill high volumes of product and orders that come through for our ecommerce customers.” 


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