Tame Two-Day Shipping

June 4, 2018
In the history of the USPS® demand for speed has never been higher. Shoppers expect to place an order, get free shipping, and have that order in about two days! The new norm of free and fast ecommerce delivery can seem impossible but luckily USPS® flat rate shipping can help. 

  1. "If it fits, it ships!" No weighing, no surcharges. Ship items up to 70lbs. 
  2. 1-3 day delivery, including Saturday and residential delivery at no extra cost.
  3. Includes USPS Tracking® with Informed Delivery. 
  4. Free boxes and envelopes.
  5. Free package pick-up.
  6. Overnight delivery available with Priority Mail Express service.
  7. Up to $50 insurance with most shipments, $100 for Express (restrictions apply).
  8. Service to everywhere including post office boxes and government addresses. 
  9. The heavier the package, the more you save!
  10. Be confident that your packages are secure. Only the USPS® is authorized to place packages in mailboxes.


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