Shipping Tips with a Spooky Twist

October 11, 2018

Shipping Makes Monster Cents: 10 Steps to Save While Shipping

  1. Don’t cause delays or overpay on international shipments. Ensure that you have the right customs forms and are providing the right information with low-cost shipping software.  If you are not using shipping software, research country-specific forms and restrictions.
  2. Use a shipping scale to avoid overpaying. Using a scale with shipping software calculates the exact weight of a parcel and prevents you from getting hit with surcharges or overpaying for postage.
  3. Send important packages with electronic Return Receipt (eRR). Save on sending Certified Mail® shipments by using electronic Return Receipt. Electronic Return Receipt is less expensive and easier to use than Return Receipts.
  4. Meet your customers’ delivery needs without overspending. Use shipping software to rate shop. Some software automatically identifies the lowest cost or fastest delivery service and carrier options. If you are not using shipping software, research and understand different carrier services and schedules to choose the best option.
  5. Stay connected with customers for no extra charge. Keep track of shipments with shipping software or use email alerts from major carriers to update customers on package delivery locations and times.
  6. Understand departmental spending with shipping chargebacks to the right department. By keeping track of department costs you can better understand your business needs and adjust your shipping strategy accordingly.
  7. Don’t pay extra for Saturday shipping. Avoid carriers that charge extra costs for using a Saturday service. No extra cost with USPS or FedEx; Saturday is a regular business day.
  8. Save by automating your inbound shipping process. Save on processing time and lost or damaged package claims with inbound tracking software.
  9. Audit your invoices to understand where you are getting charged. Understand which charges are avoidable. Assign cost centers and pinpoint the users, recipients and services that are causing the greatest increase in costs.
  10. Educate people in your organization about preferred services and carriers. Reach out to carriers to understand if you qualify for a preferred program. Ship with pre-negotiated rates from carriers.

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