Keep Holiday Parcels Safe

This time of year, parcel carriers are flooded with packages to deliver each and every day leading up to – and even after –  the holidays. With tons of packages left on doorsteps, there’s understandably also some concern about security. It’s easy to imagine how easily someone could grab a package that was intended for you or your business, especially in complexes where shipments are left at a communal area. Fortunately, there are things you can do to restore peace of mind.

  • Ship-to-Store: Some retailers offer ship-to-store options from the closest store in your area, whether it be nearest to your home or office.
  • Pick Up at Carrier Locations: You can even have your package sent to the nearest carrier location, whether that be through FedEx®, UPS® or the USPS®.
  • Send to an Alternate Address: You could also consider sending the package to a trusted neighbor if you know you won’t be home to retrieve it and are particularly concerned about the items inside.
  • Customize your Delivery: Some services may let you choose a date and time for delivery so you can plan to be there when the parcel arrives. You can even include delivery instructions to ask your carrier to leave your package in a certain location.
  • USPS® Package Intercept: As long as your package has not been delivered, you can redirect it to your local Post Office with the Hold for Pickup option, or to a different address. There is a fee to use this service, though, so it may be best to save it as a last resort.

Use these tips to help keep your parcels safe once they reach their destination, and you’ll have less stress and more joy all season long.