Introducing the New NeoShip

April 11, 2018
Author: Caroline McManus

A bundle of new upgrades moves this intuitive shipping

solution to best in class territory for SMBs


There was a big surprise waiting for NeoShip customers when they logged into NeoShip on March 1st. An assortment of new features became available such as international shipping with automatic customs forms generation, support of APO/DPO/FPO (army post offices, diplomatic post offices, and fleet post offices), support of Certified Mail® and more. . . In addition, we launched multi-carrier shipping capabilities on the new NeoShip ADVANCED.  This new solution expands the number of carriers to now include USPS®, FedEx® and UPS®.  NeoShip ADVANCED provides exclusive features including rate shopping (lowest cost/fastest delivery), an intuitive single screen interface, support of 100 users, and more. Curious? Let us walk you through the new features:  


Multi-Carrier Support/Rate Shopping

In a recent survey of 1,200 shipping customers, 83 percent reported using multiple carriers. Now available on NeoShip ADVANCED, you can choose between USPS, FedEx, and UPS to ship all your flats and parcels. But that’s not even the best part. NeoShip ADVANCED offers a state of the art rate shopping tool built specifically with small and medium business needs in mind. There are two ways to rate shop:  Want to get the lowest price? With a click of the button NeoShip ADVANCED chooses the lowest price between USPS and FedEx. Price not as important as speed? Not a problem, NeoShip will analyze all applicable rates and shipping methods and provide the fastest delivery option. . . . Change your mind and just want to see rates from one carrier? Simply click on the carrier icon and all applicable rates will be displayed without having to go between different screens, the possibilities are endless!


Cut down on time: complete your shipment from start to finish all on one screen  


If you have pre-negotiated discounted rates with UPS or FedEx, never fear, NeoShip ADVANCED will display them. All you have to do is set up each carrier within the application. Grab your latest account invoice and complete the set up in minutes.

1 NeoShip=Up to 100 Users

Get the most out of your NeoShip account. Up to 100 users are supported with each subscription. Competitive products limit the number of users that can access the shipping software to 1 user, others to 50 users. 

International Shipping Now Available (Shipping to APO, FPO, and DPO too!)

Ship to over 180 countries with NeoShip. NeoShip makes it easy to navigate the complex world of international shipping by automatically generating customs forms. NeoShip also now supports items being shipped to Air/Army Post Offices, Fleet Post Offices and Diplomatic Post Offices.

NeoShip ADVANCED supports the same great rate shopping features for international shipping that it offers domestically. Compare USPS and FedEx to find the lowest price or shop for the fastest delivery with one click. 

Address Book Import/Batch Shipments

Never waste a full day manually entering addresses again. With NeoShip you can import up to 10,000 addresses into a public address book and each user can import up to 1,000 addresses into his/her private address book.

NeoShip ADVANCED supports batch shipments which saves time. Additionally, NeoShip ADVANCED supports up to 100 addresses per batch. The competition limits batches to 20 addresses. 



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