Digital Changes the Shipping Game

May 23, 2017

Technology Levels Playing Field for Small- to Mid-Size Companies

From smartphones to smarthomes, digital technology is automating and informing the tools, services, and processes we use every day. As evidenced by the parcel delivery drones we reported on last month, and the USPS Informed Delivery service we wrote about in April, businesses are finding new ways to leverage technology to offer greater convenience and lower costs to customers.

Consider Target’s recent announcement that they will test a next-day delivery service, Target Restock, this summer in Minneapolis. According to Target, here’s how it will work: guests that have a “REDcard” will be eligible to visit a dedicated online experience to access thousands of household essentials. From there, guests will be able to fill a box with multiple items and have their orders shipped to their homes for a low, flat fee.

Then there’s DHL. They recently announced that effective immediately, Amazon’s smart speaker “Alexa” can update DHL customers on their parcel shipment. It’s part of their effort to continually expand and improve service levels for customers.  Alexa can help streamline a business’s day-to-day operations with voice-activated skills across communications, logistics, productivity, scheduling and much more. This is a true game-changer for smaller and mid-size businesses, because it puts the latest technology at their fingertips without demanding huge monetary investments on their part. They have access to resources that help them become more efficient at a reasonable cost, so they can grow their capabilities and compete with larger competitors for a bigger piece of the pie.

From Amazon’s cutting-edge intelligent personal assistant to on-demand buying and nearly immediate delivery, digital is giving small- to mid-size businesses the ability to improve productivity, cut costs and just plain grow! Moving manual processes to digital is helping to level the playing field with their larger competitors. And it’s good for the customer, too, since more businesses can in turn meet customer’s ever-growing demand for convenience, fast delivery, and cost savings.

Stay tuned as digital technology continues to advance the mailing and shipping industry!