Core Benefits of Multi-Carrier Shipping Software

December 28, 2018

Shipping is complicated. Shipping software—uncomplicates. When everything is going faster, mistakes can happen that end up costing you money. The trouble is, you don’t know what you don’t know. Resulting in missed opportunities. You need a clear pathway to cost reductions and savings that bump the bottom line.

To compete smarter, faster and serve customers better, you need flexible and scalable shipping software that will lead you there. Below are the five key benefits of multi-carrier shipping software. 


1. Automated Rate Shopping: Present the best cost and carrier to customers at checkout based on lowest cost, fastest transit, cost-plus time in transit or advanced date shopping. A 30% reduction in shipping costs  is common.

2. Parcel Consolidation: Deep relationships with all major carriers and regional services ensure the best cost for any given parcel. Let the system shop between parcel, rail, freight forwarders, LTL and hyperlocal carriers.

3. Faster Shipment Processes: Shipments are expected faster and returns need to be easier. With built-in reporting and analytics by carrier, division, location, department, customer and more, you can isolate cost centers, monitor trends, and identify unnecessary usage of premium services.

4. Order Visibility: Imagine seamless integration from order management through delivery. Automatic customer notifications with real-time parcel status, delivery updates and e-notifications for end-to-end tracking reduce customer service calls. Reduce customer service calls and provide a great delivery experience to drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.

5. Carrier Compliance: Generate carrier-compliant labels, manifests and other required documentation automatically at fulfillment to leverage multiple carriers instantly. Avoid additional fees, delays and returned deliveries, and manage complex import tariffs, packaging specs, custom rules and regulations for international markets.

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