5 Tips to Ease Holiday Shipping Stress

It seems the holiday season starts earlier and earlier each year. As the holiday shipping stress starts to creep in, use these tips to keep cool.

1. Take note of holiday mailing and shipping deadlines.

Make sure you know the cut-offs for the popular mailing and shipping services across carriers so you can get your holiday cards out, and make sure recipients get their documents or gifts in time. Check out our holiday mailing and shipping deadlines infographic to keep track of the dates.

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2. Pack up your parcels correctly to avoid damage or loss.

Include a second To/From label inside your shipment in case the outer label gets damaged, and be sure to pack with clear tape (not masking or duct tape) for a sturdy seal. Click the button below to get even more holiday packaging tips from FedEx®.

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3. Consider adding insurance to your packages.

Insurance is automatically included with Priority Mail® (up to $50) and Priority Mail Express® (up to $100) from the USPS®. You can add a higher value insurance for a fee, as well. With FedEx® and UPS®, it's a little different. There's no traditional "insurance" option, but you can declare a value for your package. UPS® is liable for loss or damage, at no extra cost, for up to $100 for each domestic package with no declared value, but you can declare a higher shipment value for an additional cost. The same is true for FedEx®. According to FedEx®, "It's important to remember that declared value is not insurance. Rather, declared value represents the maximum liability for which FedEx is responsible in connection with your shipment."

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4. Use shipping software.

NeoShip is a unique solution for the small office/home office environment designed to save time and money by allowing the creation of package shipping labels in the convenience of your office. Most people aren't aware that all USPS® packages need to include an IMpb barcode... and NeoShip does it for you automatically. Best yet, it includes USPS Tracking® with every shipment. Use NeoShip to shop for the most economical USPS® rates or fastest shipping times.

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5. Keep track of your shipments.

You can track your parcels through FedEx® and UPS, as well as with USPS Tracking®. Using USPS Tracking® provides end-to-end item tracking and is automatically included with all USPS® domestic shipping products except commercial USPS Marketing Mail™ parcels, though it can be added on as an Extra Service for a fee. Though USPS Tracking® isn't included with First-Class® letter mailings, you can still receive delivery confirmation by adding it on as an Extra Service.

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